Volume II (Spring, 2002)

Theory and Practice of Contemplative Arts in Life, Work, and Organizations

Our true nature is that of utterly innocent and pure love. It manifests as the fundamental hunger for loving and being loved and is at the core of our identity as human beings. This need to love and be loved, by far, supersedes all our other defining attributes, even those having to do with our gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, profession, wealth, status, achievements, etc. Life wants to be with life. Life breathes life. Life celebrates itself through embracing love. The overwhelming urge to love and be loved drives our other motives, actions, and is central to our humanity. At HarshaSatsangh, the fellowship of joy, we accept the opportunity to love each other with gratitude. May you all be protected in the warmth of love and nurtured in friendship. God bless you with all good things in life. Lots of love to everyone – Harsha (Harsh K. Luthar, Ph.D.), Chief Executive Editor



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Still and Silent I have kept
Loved you very quietly
from a distance while you slept
Know that one day this love of mine
will overtake; it must!
Nothing much I can do because
inevitably this Heart will burst
Being much too full for too long
with unsung lullabies and songs
But I am only too content
to just let it go like that.

Lots of love

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