About Ramana — From One of Harsha’s E-mail Messages

One day on HarshaSatsangh, a very earnest and sincere devotee of Ramana Maharshi posted a message that there is only one way to realize the Truth — only through asking “Who Am I” as taught by Ramana. The following was Harsha’s encouraging reply. In this message Harsha shares how Ramana’s example and teachings were personally transformative for himself and encourages the process of self-inquiry in others.

–The Editors

I admire your sincerity and passion and the fact that you are a devotee of the great Sage of Arunachala, Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi. Your emphasis that the pure teachings come from the Original Source is very beautiful. The Original Source is always the Self, the Heart. The Guru Is the Self. Appearing as a body, S/He, through Look, Thought Force, Touch, and Teachings transforms so that You Realize that You are the Self and that your consciousness is identical to that of the Guru. To Realize Directly and without hindrance One’s Own Nature is the way.

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You clearly have read a lot, met many teachers, and have much spiritual experience and a well formed outlook on Self-Realization. That is wonderful. I want to tell you that Bhagwan Ramana was one of the most compassionate sages who embodied non-violence. He was humorous but rarely condescending. He was relaxed and easy and natural and love shone through his eyes. He did not impose any teaching on anyone. He gave different answers to different people to suit their tastes and outlooks and background, although his essential teaching of Self-Inquiry is well known. The Highest Teaching, the Great Sage always said, was in Silence. Ramana shines like the sun for me and his light has such beauty and radiance and warmth that I am never away from it as it is only my Own Self-Radiance.

I understand the desperation for Realization from personal experience. I have known such times of weeping and sobbing and asking for Self-Realization (or Knowledge or God-Realization or call it what you want) and questioning, Why not me? Why not me? When others have done it, why not me? Of course this feeling would pass. You have to come out of your room at some point and face the world :-).

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Then I gave up reading this and that teacher. What was the point, I thought? Lost interest. One book, “Talks with Ramana Maharshi” became my sole companion. Intuitively, I knew the Truth of Ramana’s words. I used to sleep with that book next to my head. “You are already That – Give up the notion that you are not!” Such words of Ramana Maharshi were my constant companions. It is about giving up everything. Giving up all the notions no matter how sublime. No need to make a game of it and analyze ego preservation strategies, etc. Just giving up everything completely and totally in one stroke is the way. Whether it is ego preservation or destruction or this and that, all these are concepts hindering Clear Self-Knowledge. However, the “Giving Up” can’t be done. One can try to create a climate for it, but it must happen spontaneously in order for the Truth to become Self-Evident.

One day, almost 21 years ago, as was my habit, I had been meditating for some hours and my back was very stiff and tired and aching. And I was tired. I thought, let me just lie down and rest a little. I lay down on my back and got some relief from the pain and then just gave up everything. Grace allowed for that. Just before it happened, Sri Ramana’s guidance flashed in my mind and through His Grace, I allowed myself to be swallowed up by the Heart. As Rumi would say, the hunter finally became the prey.

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I Realized the Truth of the Self as an Immediate Truth and Directly Understood the nature of Sat-Chit-Ananda. The utter emptiness of awareness has such total beauty and yet it cannot be fully described. When I came out of this and opened my eyes, I thought, “Of course! It is Only Me! It Is Me! It Is Me even Now! What else did I expect? I Realized that the highest state and the most ordinary states are permeated by the same Reality of Consciousness. The Same sameness, the same taste of Silence is present everywhere in all states. Where the Seer and the Seen Merge, That I AM! I AM the Seer and the Seen. Where Perceiver and Perceptions Merge, That I AM. I am the Perceiver and the Perception as One Whole. I AM the Utter Simplicity, Self-Evident to It Self.

So follow your truth, and you will see that You are the Truth It Self. Then you will love and support “others” and allow them to follow their truth in their way.

— End —

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