EGODUST: By Frank Maiello

Frank Maiello

Regardless of what you think, say or do, the
perfection of Freedom was, is and always will
be who and what you really are.

The ancient and stubborn habit of attempting
to make familiar and manageably reasonable
that which is the unfathomable Mystery of Life,
is what needs to be broken. Its success depends
on one’s ability to cease and desist judging
and categorizing the elements in/of perception.
The elimination of such yields moksha (Freedom),
where any ideas or even experiences of bondage
or suffering are recognized to be pure illusions.

Therefore, regardless of the circumstance, you
have been, are and forever will be free!

Now, are you ready to hear this? That is
the question. If the answer is yes, there will be
a spontaneous awakening…

Listen to hear:

The realization of the Self is innate to the pure
Consciousness in the human Being. The process or
the means to evoke such, is via the elimination of
Mind-dross which has been the forged habit since
time immemorial. Which habit can be undone in the
flash of a spark igniting a mountain of gas-drenched
cotton(!)…representing the vast agglomeration of
intricate entangled thought systems geared–through
no volitional fault of the individual–to disorient
the awareness from one’s natural state.

As such, the method involves becoming merely the
dispassionate Witness to the flow of thoughts,
and ceasing following/worshipping their dictates.
Thus meeting them in the midst of their folly.
Whereby so doing, one fulfills their [alloted] role
in the relative world, seeing it thus as the Sport
or leela of brahman…..and no longer being snagged
or detoured by their impact. In this way their
high command will be defused, allowing the truth of
the Self to shine in their stead.

Know this to be your true nature…where thus the
procedure is to act as though everything matters,
and be as though nothing does!Where herein lies
the satchidananda–the pure Consciousness of our pure
Being yielding the natural effulgence of pure Bliss.

Herein basically lies all that needs to be known.
Consider it planted as a seed in the Mind that has no
choice but to eventually descend into the Heart…where
it will alight the awareness [holding yet] the spontaneous
recognition that it has indeed been very much alive and
thriving in its impossible-to-imagine splendor…..all along!

Know this to be the revelation of the Release (moksha)
that can happen in a minute, in a week, a decade or
an instant! Depending how ready you are…while at
the same time, nevertheless, you are quite there!

Yes! the day your frontal awareness opens the door
to the truth in these words, the realization will hit
like a dam-break that you have always been there,
which is nothing but HEREin the unequivocally
fulfilled vibration of the eternal Silence of Now.


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