The Call of Love


Long ago, I gazed into your eyes
and then stopped breathing
but still survived.

Now day and night I only sigh
and dream of being in the midst
of your enchanted company.

The song of love that came
from once your silent lips
found quickly its true aim
mesmerized my innocent heart
which beat on still the same.

But my legs went numb
and my tongue grew sweet
when the fragrance of your skin
my love
enveloped me in its warm embrace.

Come play with me
I would sometimes say
but you always had it your way
and how glad I was to be your slave
with no power to make you stay.

So, in my solitude content
with love completely unspent
tonight, like all the other nights
you keep dancing in my dreams.

Play hide and seek
not too much longer
and risk this longing
grow even stronger.

When people ask unashamedly
why your love flees from me
embarrassed and silent I stay.

What honest answer could one make
and can you also say for sure
that in choosing me as your lover
you have made some grave mistake.

Pleasures and pains haunt me still
but no one asks me when I will
stop living on dreams of yesterdays,
quietly lay down on the hill
and slide into eternity.

Nowhere to look, no lights around
don’t want to see any sights at all
with rhythm of your lullaby will come
the thunder of the soundless sound.

I only miss you when you are gone.
Not that I mind being alone
but having known your touch
it’s too much to bear sometimes
that my heart has split in two
looking for the door
that opens to your majesty.

My steps are faltering and unsure
this hard fought battle, although lost
pains all the more; it was almost won.

Walking through the desert dry
sipping water from mirages
does help to pass the time
but I can’t quench
my thirst divine.

It’s hard to say why
staring at the blazing sun
the eyes now do not try
to see the cool moon and stars
and what else hangs
in the evening sky.

Now, who can say
how I get by
and breathe
just enough air
to stay alive.

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