Being Stillness: By James Traverse

Space Silence


Space is Infinite.
Silence is Eternal.

Stillness is Absolute.


Space is Beauty that shapes everything.
Silence is Love that sustains everything.

Stillness is oneduality, Space-Silence.


All things come from Stillness,
manifest in Space, abide in Silence,

and dissolve in Stillness.


The Stillness of Space is the key
to intellect, actualization, and form.

All objects are stabilized by Space.


The Stillness of Silence is the key
to intuition, listening and creativity.

All movement is harmonized by Silence.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Stillness is the darkness within darkness
that is felt directly because it is what we are.

It is the absence of our absence.


Stillness is not of the measure of the mind-intellect or body-intuition.

It is unbounded and has no center.

It resides in, and is, the Heart, which is everywhere.


Stillness is the most profound and yet the most simple and practical tool.
The magnificence of Stillness lies in the fact that it simply is.

Stillness is the gateway to all understanding.


There is no way to be still,
Being Stillness is the way.

Being Stillness is Meditation.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The One established in Being Stillness
lives in Infinite Beauty and Eternal Love.
Om Shanti Om


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