Eric Ashford’s Poetry

There Is A Doe Eyed Eagle

There is a doe eyed eagle.
There is a love within the tiger
of every appearance.

Call to the sky forms
that God paints Her eyelids with,
and become the water in the eye of Her ocean.

You are beautiful limbs of God.
The vein that bleeds this earth
and returns Her blood to Her.

There is a doe eyed eagle.
and all hearts turn inside out,
To catch the song of it’s flight.
There is a love in the tiger
that flutters, as a sparrow
to encircle heaven and earth.

Your Beautiful Body

Don’t be alarmed
if God wakes you up
in Her beautiful body someday.

All that cosmetic surgery,
and all that running after perfection
will scatter like sand,
with a goodbye wave
to the ghost of your beliefs.

The Beloved has been living in your house,
watching your endless efforts at renovation
just waiting for you to default on the payments.

When nothing you recognize becomes you,
you will wake up as you are.
You will have won
the being of the Universe contest,
as the undisputed contestant.

One day you will come alive in your beautiful body,
and know that nothing you did,
or did not do
matters not one iota
to the beautiful love you have slept with.

Dear Hearts

In case you think that I am a lover of God
that conducts his unseen affairs in secret.
Let me tell you,
that I have stayed to live in all your houses,
as the call within your hearts.

This is no special gift of mine.
I am, like you, as invisible as wane moonlight
in the dancing shadow play of this cosmos.
It was this love that carried me to every heart,
and abandoned me within your tears..

Once I would say: This is my path and that is yours.
I would pray that our journeys would cross in time
as we sought the Beloved.
Yet this love affair has become empty of you and I altogether,
and I cannot see my way out of this love again,
and so, I stay content to be Gods invitation..

I have no fixations left with secrets now.
For I know your secret of secrets,
and I have shared it with everything in silence
until our souls have become so transparent
that only love itself, is left to see…….

Dear hearts,
grow impatient at being the guest at this wedding,
be the emptiness within the ring on Gods finger.
Be the love that melts to Love.

A Sip of Transience

I am a man. Hairy and sinewy in love and earth desiring.
Emissive and free in this field of play and direction. I am trouble
and also a spring of clear water
for the thirsty love of lovers of deep wells.
My root is in the sap of the divine,
and the sap in the root of my earth.
God becomes me well.

I am an opening to the – I am not,
and so I am your open mouth also.
I can fly to kisses and also to indifference,
and in that flight find the sky of both of us.

Within me, dwells the inviolable virgin.
Mary, Sophia, Isis, and other more ancient names
born of a magical myth making of lusty innocence.
There is a Spiritus of Holiness
that loves to tease apart this body of man
with the sensual contractions of that inner womb
and birth a child for your arms only. Take it.

I am the gift, and the giving at one with reception.
I am man awake in the woman of Life.
Fire in the water.
Love becomes me well.

Letting Go of the Path

There is nothing to be done.
All is unraveling just as it should be.
That ball of string that has been knotted and screwed up
was just a ‘screw up’ of this view of heaven
from my view of you.

A room with a view is still a room.
Come and walk in this garden of love
that my lazy and shiftless soul has planted.
The flowers here, are so relaxed
that they make no effort to grow
and so they do.

I stumbled upon this place
while out walking in the fields of time.
The God of serendipity
smiled out from an idle moment
and stole my gardening tools away.
Now I cannot cultivate anything
but laughter.

Do you see what is in my hand?
It is the gift of- ‘nothing to hold on to’.
Having nothing to do,
I can do no more than love you outrageously.
Coming and going are no longer my affairs
This path unwinds on its own.

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