Remain Calm and Aware: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

The feeling/awareness of one’s existence manifests through the mind as “I”. Hence we say, I do this, I do that, I am a doctor, I am a sanaysi, I am a householder, I am a student, I am a husband, I am a wife, etc.

Bhagavan Ramana’s teaching is to quietly bring attention to this sense of “I” by asking “Kohum”.

The word “Kohum” in Sanskrit literally means, “Who is Me?” Translated into English, it becomes, “Who am I?” Bhagavan teaches us to become aware of this sense of “I” that we feel naturally and then investigate its origin by tracing it back to its root source, the Self or the Heart.

Bhagavan’s teaching is to inquire into the Self in a relaxed and natural way without struggle.

As far as personal and social events in our life go, Bhagavan has said that these are a matter of karma or destiny and unavoidable.

Satsang and meditation on the Self help to keep one balanced among a variety of experiences which are inevitable.

To remain calm and aware during all fluctuations in the mind and the world is the right approach.

In the surrendered state of awareness, the right actions which are appropriate to our situation and circumstances arise spontaneously.

Surrender is a mighty prayer - Eden


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