What Is Reality? By Rita Steinmetz-Minassian

What is reality?

le-pendu-the-hanged-man It happened many times, that clients who came for a consultation were asking the same question to me: Am I crazy? this question found an echo within me, the “me” who was in the same questioning many years ago…

You’re asking yourselves, crazy about what? …

… About a dead father coming into dreams to “talk”, about a sign given in such a precise way that you feel like “someone” knows about your private thoughts or wishes and wants to give you a hand, about inner values changing and decisions taken on feeling basis, on what your heart tells to do you instead of following the “logic” of your mind…

Our education, the conditioning of our society can make us feel as if we are living in a contrary motion from our environment, this is the state of the “hanged man”.

In the tarot, on card number XII you can see a man hanging or suspended upside down by one foot from a tree branch. Also, in most decks the other leg is placed in a position to make it look like the number 4. The man always looks at peace or not upset in any way: he is much more an observer than an actor. I think it is such an interesting card…

In a symbolic way, we all reach a period in our life where we really feel that our point of view about the worlds is changing: we feel we are stepping aside from the “normal” path. Though, we’re not stopping to be in the movement of the Universe at that moment, on the contrary our look, our thoughts, moves and perceptions are starting to get in the real flow of the Universe.

Yes, you’ll always find some gentle people around to say: “hey, this is not Wonderland! Come back on earth, you’re losing sense of reality!”

Reality…What reality? Your reality, the neighbor’s reality, the butcher’s reality? Why was that? What makes their reality more relevant than mine?

“It’s only a belief!” they say… But when a belief (or something in which you don’t believe at all sometimes) happens to take a form, to be an event in your life, then, that belief becomes an Experience. Isn’t the sum of our experiences that makes what we call our Reality? Then our personal reality cannot be compared to anyone’s: we can just live it and share it without pushing people to adopt it! Because without a perfectly similar experience, it’s not possible anyway… In the name of what should we judge anyone? Then in the name of what definition of reality should my, your, his-her reality be judged?…

People like ancient Vedic sages who created the science of Ayurveda by connecting to Nature, Soufis connected to higher state of consciousness through dances and trances, Christian saints who started to live the passion of Christ during sufferance that avoid time and space, starting to speak ancient Aramean language that they never learned, Prophets of the Torah who used to advise kings thank to their clairvoyance…and also, simple people, regular village people who were healing, seeing, perceiving a personal reality impossible to share with everybody because it was out of the standards, all of them were then crazy?

Nowadays, many scientists are also inquiring about those “parallel worlds”, thank God, nobody will be no more burned on a church square! But unfortunetly, some of them still don’t dare to talk openly about their intuitions because of the judgement of the scientific community. Fortunately, other ones like Dr. Michio Kaku present their fascinating work about the possible existence of other dimensions than the 4 that we already know about, through reachable books for uninitiated people to sciences like: “Parallel worlds” or “Vision”.

The answer I give is “No”, you’re not crazy at all, unless thousands of people around the world, in history until nowadays are also totally insane! And more and more will come…

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy

Rita Steinmetz Minassian, www.rita-akasha.vpweb.fr

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