How And Why I became a Vegetarian: By Tony O’Clery.

In 1985 on a visit to family in Australia I was on Bondi Beach, where I ate a hamburger. I fell asleep on the beach and had a strange dream that I was a cow. I saw the whole process of the slaughterhouse, including fear, smells, noises, terror, cruel treatment etc.

It was a horrifying nightmare and I awoke saying aloud ‘They know, they know they are to be cruelly slaughtered’. That day I became a vegetarian. I had always said that if I ever really thought about the morality of eating meat, I would probably stop.

Of course what had happened was that I had started meditation some months before that, and no doubt started to cleanse the kosas after K-prana experiences. So all the above was imprinted into the flesh of the animal that I had eaten. It was taken into my body and caused the dream on the beach.

I was lucky to be sensitive enough to receive the dream. Many years before, the vibrations were just going into my mind forming vasanas and bad karmas, and being an impediment to the purification of my vijnanamayakosa or awareness sheath.

I wonder how much of the horrible violence against animals is translated to violence on a world scale? There must be a huge “thought form” of these animal slaughterings hanging over the planet combined with the resentfulness of the animals whose lives are manipulated and cut short due to human weakness, selfishness, greed, and meat addiction.

According to the Hindu doctrine of karma, all living beings including animals reincarnate. I wonder what happens when these reincarnated animals who were slaughtered in a previous life take birth as humans? Is it possible that they bring their resentment, fear, and anger with them? Perhaps that can explain why the world is in such a mess. I don’t know. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “How And Why I became a Vegetarian: By Tony O’Clery.

  1. Hare Krishna!

    I liked the law of karma linked to animal salughter.

    I am also thinking about Karma linked to plants/leaves. Any thoughts?

    Better way is to recite God’s name while cooking and while eating and asking him to take care of the Karma.


  2. Tony:: Life is the “Game of Survival” – extending progressively to 8-dynamics ..viz .. Self – Family – Group – Mankind – All life forms (including animals & plants) – The physical universe – Spirit (causative survival without body) – God (Infinite causative Survival – eternal). The evolution of higher life – from the very beginning – depended on lower life forms for survival by consuming it as food … of-course with some interdependence for mutual propagation for dynamically balancing the environmental ecology.

    I am a strict vegetarian since birth as a part of family tradition (I am a Brahmin). I understand & appreciate your passion for vegetarianism. Killing for one’s own survival cannot be faulted – as that is the natural order. But indiscriminate killing as a sport or for recreation is most reprehensible & abominable. And killing as a habit – or for making fancy goods for commerce is the one that is totally inexcusable and should be punishable most severely – for deterrence.

    Your experience with the dream after eating hamburger and the resultant derivative explanation are very profound & poignant. The cruelty to animals globally is so sickening & appalling.


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