Viswanatha Swami_ A Hidden Gem: By Murray Feldman

Viswanatha Swami

Viswanatha Swami first came to stay with Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi when he was about 19 years old. His father, Ramaswamy Iyer, was a first cousin of Bhagavan.

I had the good fortune to spend considerable time with this great devotee of Ramana Maharishi from April 1976, until he became ill and passed away at 75 years of age on the 22nd November, 1979. How he came to Bhagavan has been written about elsewhere. Here I attempt to show how he exemplified, so wonderfully and devotedly the teachings of Bhagavan. Continue reading

Was Bhagavan Ramana An Avatar?

In Hinduism, the term “Avatar” refers to an “Incarnation” of some aspect of God in a form. For example, Rama (from Ramayana), and Krishna (from Mahabharata) are both considered Avatars of the Hindu God Vishnu. In Hinduism, many saints are also considered Avatars by their devotees. In this context,  Sri Ramana was sometimes asked by devotees if he was an Avatar; and if so, of which Hindu God was he an Avatar of? Continue reading

Bhagavan Sri Ramana: By Swami Viswanatha

Note: Swami Viswanatha’s father was Bhagavan Ramana’s elder cousin. Swami Viswanatha came to Bhagavan Ramana at a young age and shortly after decided to dedicate his life to spiritual practices.


MY FIRST darshan of Bhagavan Sri Ramana was in January, 1921 at Skandashram, which is on the eastern slope of Arunachala and looks like the very heart of the majestic hill. It is a beautiful quiet spot with a few coconut and other trees and a perennial crystal-clear spring. Bhagavan was there as the very core of such natural beauty.

Bhagavan Ramana as a youth

Bhagavan Ramana as a young person

I saw in him something quite arresting which clearly distinguished him from all others I had seen. Continue reading

Picture of Bhagavan: By Alan Larus


A strange visit
on Holy Saturday.

Talking about this and that.
( I never imagined
I would lift you into your chair )

In this world
of coming and going,
after I had gone,
Below the mountain,
on the long way home.

And here I am
in this backwards play
knowing I did nothing
( for it )
to be so.

When I was 17 years old I went to my teacher for the first time. I had been reading several books and discussed yoga with two friends of mine.

She asked me what I wanted to learn, and I said Pranayama. She asked why and I referred to something from a book.

So she gave me a long lesson on discipline and hard work, telling me she was quite sure I did not have what it would take. I felt very uncomfortable and just wanted her to finish so I could leave.

Then I saw a picture on the table behind her. I did not know who was smiling so alive inside the silver frame, but I knew I had walked through the right door.


Alan Larus “I live in Norway and work with database programming. When I have the time I walk in the mountains, forests and along the sea. I also listen to music and read and write a little poetry and take pictures.”