Picture of Bhagavan: By Alan Larus


A strange visit
on Holy Saturday.

Talking about this and that.
( I never imagined
I would lift you into your chair )

In this world
of coming and going,
after I had gone,
Below the mountain,
on the long way home.

And here I am
in this backwards play
knowing I did nothing
( for it )
to be so.

When I was 17 years old I went to my teacher for the first time. I had been reading several books and discussed yoga with two friends of mine.

She asked me what I wanted to learn, and I said Pranayama. She asked why and I referred to something from a book.

So she gave me a long lesson on discipline and hard work, telling me she was quite sure I did not have what it would take. I felt very uncomfortable and just wanted her to finish so I could leave.

Then I saw a picture on the table behind her. I did not know who was smiling so alive inside the silver frame, but I knew I had walked through the right door.


Alan Larus “I live in Norway and work with database programming. When I have the time I walk in the mountains, forests and along the sea. I also listen to music and read and write a little poetry and take pictures.”

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