“Mind Your Own Business”, said Ramana Maharshi

Mind your own business. ~ Sri Ramana


The sun is simply bright

One day, one of the devotees came to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and said in an excited whisper, “Look, Bhagavan! Just look at that man! ” Everyone turned to look. We saw a gentleman who was asleep, swaying back and forth. The devotee who had approached Bhagavan complained, “I have been watching him for the past few days. He always sleeps in Bhagavan’s presence.”

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Dattatreya’s 24 Gurus and His Brilliant View


mira prabhu

SHIVA IN BLACK AND WHITE 2Dattatreya blows my mind with the daring way he lived his life and the transcendent wisdom that emerged as a result. The word Datta means “given”—for it is said the Divine Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) “gave” one aspect of themselves in the form of a son to the sages Atri and Anasuya; Atreya was added on to his name, to indicate he was the son of Atri.

Born roughly 4000 years ago in an age when Veda and Tantra had once again fused, Dattatreya left home early, in search of the Absolute, roaming naked in the areas in and around Mysore, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Usually depicted with three heads, symbolizing Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; past, present, and future; and the three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep, he is shown sitting in meditation beside his shakti (mate) beneath the wish-fulfilling tree; in front of him is a fire pit, and around him are…

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Some history of Arunachala and the efforts to protect it

Some history of Arunachala and the efforts to protect it

Living in the Embrace of Arunachala

There have been struggles to preserve and protect Arunachala that date back to the times of Ramana Maharshi. These include a court appearance by Ramana Maharshi, a legal effort in the late 1990s, various efforts to protect encroachment of the inner path, environmental recovery around Arunachala, and then in 2012 a series of fires on Arunachala that resulted in the Inner Path closure, which continues to this day.

Old photo of Arunachala Old photo of Arunachala

Below are links, first to David Godman’s website, then to an Arunachala Samudra  artecle on the legal battles in the late 1990s, and a series of posts on this blog.

Together they show a long lasting concern about how to protect Arunachala. That effort continues to this day with the recent protests that stopped – for now – destructive tree cutting and digging on the pradakshina route.

Bhagavan’s Deposition on Arunachala

Environmental concerns and the courts – 2001

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