Food is Sacred

Vegan Salad with Mango pieces

Sri Ramana spent many years cooking for others at the Ashram and even gave precise instructions to those in the kitchen on cooking! He was a taskmaster and did not allow any food to be wasted.

The Upanishads remind us that food is sacred. “Food (anna) itself is Brahma” ~  Taittiriya Upanishad.

Bhagavan Ramana taught the devotees that food influences our body and mind, and should be selected with care, prepared well, and eaten in moderation.

Food comes to us in so many forms. It reaches our table due to the hard work of many living beings and hence should be taken with an attitude of thankful prayer and gratitude.

Here, I give pictures of two vegan dishes that I made and enjoyed today. The vegan dishes I make are all whole foods and plant based with no oil and minimal salt. I use Indian herbs and spices liberally and also add Italian seasoning to the dishes. May all beings be healthy and happy and enjoy fullness without being too full.

Vegan Chilli with Vidala Sweet onions

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