Spiritual Heart and Self-Realization: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Spiritual Heart is an important topic in Bhagavan’s teachings and comes up again and again.


Dear Harsha:

Arthur Osborne, a close devotee of Bhagavan Ramana said that while doing self-inquiry, he tried to focus on the spiritual Heart-center to the right of the chest. However, I have heard some scholars on Ramana’s teaching say that the Bhagavan did not recommend meditating on a specific location and that Arthur Osborne may have misunderstood the essential method and Bhagavan’s teaching.  Is it necessary to meditate on the Spiritual Heart center in order to become Self-Realized? Some well known people like Nisaragadatta Maharaj and Krishnamurthi never mention the Heart in the same way that Bhagavan Ramana does. What is the explanation for this?

Sincere Seekers (composite question)

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  1. Dear Dr Harsh K.Luthar,   Facing Sri Ramanasramam,there is a shop:”Bhagavan’s Arts”:here,I bought a D.V.D.:”Satsang with Papaji-Who am I?-Compilation on Inquiry.”   Yesterday,I saw in it an interview/meeting between Papaji (H.L.Poonja) and one of his women devotees,from Italy,called ‘AMIDA’;here,it is very clear that Papaji could advise meditation in the form of “Where am I?”,on the heart at the right side of the chest.   If u are interested,and I have time,I shall send to u more informations on this DVD.   Ever yours in Arunachalaramana,   Gérard de France.

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    Harsha posted: “Spiritual Heart is an important topic in Bhagavan’s teachings and comes up again and again.”


  2. Bhagavan clearly states in his Essay entitled Spiritual Instruction- see in his Collected Works that for all those who are identified with the body/mind they can view the spiritual heart to beon the right side of the chest, from his own experience. This serves as a doorway to enter the Spiritual Heart for those practicing the Sadhana of Diving Into the heart. The book the Technique of Maha Yoga published by Ramana Ashram affirms this, For further information see my Essay ‘Diving Into the Heart ‘ Alan Jacobs on Luthar.com


  3. Here is the link to my Essay on this topic

    Diving Into The Heart: By Alan Jacobs | Luthar.com
    luthar.com/2008/07/23/diving-into-the-heart Cached
    Diving Into The Heart: By Alan Jacobs July 23, 2008 Alan Jacobs (An Article published in the July Issue of The Mountain Path) “Just as the pearl diver ties a stone …


  4. There is even now after thirty years a continuing vibration on the right side of the chest. When Ramana asks “who am I “, when Nisargadatta says “I am that” and when P.D. Ouspenski tells you “to be clever and remember yourself”, they refer to this vibration which is the touch stone to firmly hang on to.One must anchor oneself so to speak…at this portal or doorway to the Self. Thirty years ago I sat in the garden of my teacher the great saint Eve Galitzine who was one of P.D. Ouspenski’s students in England in the 1940’s…She was the real deal..she was all modesty and self effacement..she referred to herself as a sharer of Mr. Ouspenski’s work not as a “teacher”. Yet she was surrounded by miracles which I believe were lent to one to give a taste of the sublime.
    In her garden so many years ago, silly me was arguing some point about something and… BAM!
    She zapped me in the center of the chest with what I can only describe as an amazing Love Vibe. It bent me right over, she got up and said “now you don’t hate me”… I must add that we were with 20 or so other students and nobody noticed…I was elevated so to speak for sometime…I might also say that this experience was not from any merit on my part..but her memory as you can imagine is with me always..so ‘ thinking’ left or right, up or down ,in or out not as important as hanging onto the ” I am ” vibration….this is my experience anyway…cheers B.


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