SPIRITUAL INSTRUCTIONS – Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi – 1

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi –
Upadesa Manjari
(Bouquet of Spiritual Instructions)  – 1


I seek refuge at the sacred
feet of the blessed Ramana,

who performs the entire work of creation,
preservation and destruction,

while remaining wholly unattached,
and who makes us aware
of what is real and thus protects us,
that I may set down his words fittingly.


Sri Ramana Maharshi – Upadesa Manjari
(bouquet of spiritual instructions) – 2

1. What are the marks of a real teacher (Sadguru)?
Sri Ramana Maharshi:
Steady abidance in the Self,
looking at all with an equal eye,
unshakeable courage at all times,
in all places and circumstances, etc.

2. What are the marks of an earnest disciple (sadsisya)?
Sri Ramana Maharshi:
An intense longing for the removal of sorrow and
attainment of joy and an intense aversion for
all kinds of mundane pleasure.

3. What are the characteristics of instruction (upadesa)?
Sri Ramana Maharshi:
The word ‘upadesa’ means : ‘near the place or seat’
(upa – near,desa – place or seat).
त्he Guru who is the embodiment of that
which is indicated by the terms sat, chit, andananda
(existence, consciousness and bliss),
prevents the disciple who, on account of his acceptance
of the forms of the objects of the senses,
has swerved from his true state and is
consequently distressed and buffeted by joys and sorrows,
from continuing so and establishes him in his own
real nature without differentiation.

Upadesa also means showing a distant object quite near.
It is brought home to the disciple that the Brahman
which he believes to be distant and different
from himself is near and not different from himself.

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