A Spiritual Seeker: By Robert Ryder

To be a spiritual seeker is to be concerned with moving beyond the limits of the ordinary mind. The main obstacle we encounter in attempting to do this is our own psyche and no tinkering with outer circumstances or systems will help advance us. We must go to that center within to bring about a change in ourselves. It does no good to travel from one place to another to find spiritual enlightenment. If you cannot find God in your own backyard, it is not likely you will find God along the Jordan, the Ganges or the Nile; nor will you find Her in the flower or a smile.

We must be living expressions of truth, not fossilizing custodians of ancient theosophy. The spiritual seeker knows that life is being moved by powerful unseen forces. At times traditional beliefs and dogma are insufficient. Recasting old ideas and collecting knowledge is not synonymous with spiritual experience. It may serve to activate our interest but it does not provide an inner awareness. There is no set course of instruction which, after completing, we receive an S.D. (“Saint’s Degree”) or an M.D. (“Mystic’s Degree”). Each of us has a unique past to draw from and each is drawn to and responds to certain practices in our own unique and individual way. Individual differences are neither better nor worse, just different. To compare one’s self with others is to forget the uniqueness of your own journey.

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