The Magic Pull: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

The Magic Pull

Once there was this mystery
set in the dense fog of life
nothing appeared clearly
and thorn bushes on all sides.
Being tired I stopped along the road
and lay down to rest my back a while
a pure spring gushed forth suddenly
flooded the ground and made me smile.

Too many body aches to move
how with miseries we are wed
as hopes played their endless melodies
a welcome stillness led
once more to a forgotten place.
For naked lovers with no rent to give
earth serves as the final bed
and peaceful sleep comes easily
to a tired, worn out heart.

That day upon awakening
even the air was wet
but no ceilings now
to keep out the light.
The building puddles
might have drowned me still
but I had had my fill
of sights and wonders
or so I thought when
by chance our eyes met.

A perfect face of such radiance
who can resist this innocence
and having given up everything,
it made no sense at all
to hold back just my heart.
The pull, this magic pull,
on my decaying orbit,
takes away the choice
of ever being untrue.

What voice can speak now
and say I loved
and lost myself in you
and then saw that You were Me.
Silence stole us from ourselves
for all Eternity.

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