Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

You are the Self

Sri Ramana used to say that just like an elephant wakes up upon seeing a lion in the dream, in the same way the devotee wakes up to his own True Reality, upon seeing the Guru in this world dream.

Once someone asked Sri Ramana how could one’s own True Guru be found. The Sage replied, “By intense meditation”. Another time Sri Ramana said that the disciple is more important than the Guru. If the disciple has faith, even a stone can serve as the Guru.

This morning, I am being visited by Dr. Lakshyan Schanzer, a well known Master Yoga Teacher and a Psychologist. Lakshyan has studied with a number of famous Gurus over the last 30 years including Swami Satchitananda, who found the community of Yogaville near Charlottesville, VA, here in the U.S. Lakshyan lived in that community for a while and also visited India to study with other teachers as well.

After Lakshyan and I talk this morning, we will go to an Indian Restaurant called “Rasoi” in Providence, RI for an “all you can eat” vegetarian lunch Buffet. I skipped breakfast in preparation for that anticipated big meal.

I should mention that Lakshyan has studied not only with the traditional Gurus but also spent time with Nisargadatta Maharaj. His account of the visit to Maharaj is on the following url.

Of course, I respect all Gurus and traditions. But my mind has naturally been inclined to Sri Ramana since I was very young. It just does not go in any other direction at all. Ammachi used to come here and many people lined up on their knees to get a hug from her. I respected these devotees but for me such things have absolutely no meaning. I accept that for others, it may be a lifetime experience. No matter how well known or famous or charismatic a Guru, I never feel any attraction other than for the person as a human being.

Sri Ramana is truly like the bright afternoon Sun at the height of the summer for the devotees. When the Sun itself is shining, one does not need candle lights to see the way.

Well, no words can be adequate. Sri Ramana’s devotees from the early 1900s to 1950 were some of the greatest saints and yogis of the day. But they were content to stay in Bhagavan’s shadow. Having found the Heart, one remains in the Heart as the Heart. No other place to go or be except where one already is and what one already is.

Namaste and love to all

Meeting Nisargadatta Maharaj: By Dr. Lakshyan Schanzer

My name is Lakshyan Schanzer. I have been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation since 1971. I am also a psychologist and practice a meditative approach to psychotherapy. This is my first writing about my experiences with Nisargadatta Maharaj.

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By 1978 I had been practicing and teaching for about 7 years (primarily Integral Yoga) and had reached a ‘wall’ in my practice. I was having wonderful experiences/results on a daily basis. Yet, for me, these experiences were just that; only experiences. Yes, they were important and healing ones, bringing revelations and insights into my history, release of deep feelings, or guidance about the coming day or accurate premonitions about the future.

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The River of Yoga: By Nina Murrell-Kisner

With photographs of

Dr. Lakshyan and Marilena Kali Schanzer by Camila Reitz


There is something which courses within, which when accessed, brings life to the body and thus the asana. It is possible to understand this something as a river, and the techniques of asana as boulders along the riverbed, which seem to influence the course of the river.

It may seem that the boulders form the river, but the river has been powerful enough to place those boulders. What we are looking for is to hop in that river, as it courses through the boulders…

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