The Wisdom Walk: By Dr. Suryanarayana Raju

There is a slight drizzle today and the atmosphere is beautiful. I breathe it in deeply. I am on my morning walk.

I am in the present moment which is the only thing that is truly and fully available to us.

Trees are very beautiful in this monsoon morning. A plant with light green leaves looks brilliant to my eyes.

A creeper is holding an iron wire with its tendrils. It is beautiful to perceive its intelligence. There are various types of flowers releasing their fragrance which is their very nature. I breathe it all in deeply.

I am walking. Just walking and observing and watching without any specific goals. I am peaceful without goals and aims.

Goals are projections of the mind. Goals divert my attention from the present moment. This moment is life. Paradoxically, if our mind is wrapped up in goals, we can miss what is before us now.

To be natural and free is the quality of our consciousness. The goals and desires of the mind obscure this beauty. If we indulge in the present moment, then in an extraordinary way, even small things in daily life leads us to the godliness that is present in our heart.

When one lives with “what is” without escaping from it, there is no contradiction and conflict in life. In that impersonal observation of “what is”, transformation happens.

The understanding that comes only through observation of “what is”, is peace. This does not mean that you accept “what is”. You can change the situation you find yourself in. Your nature will tell you what to do. Only watch yourself and what you are doing with care.

This is the way of wisdom.~Dr.Raju.

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