Brain Nourishing Pose: By Christine Wushke

This pose is great for bringing extra circulation into the brain. I find it refreshing and yet relaxing at the same time. If you have high blood pressure use caution in this pose. Come out of the position slowly if you feel any pressure in the head or behind the eyes.

Copy of chair forward bend 1*You will need a chair and some yoga blocks for this pose.

1. Begin with a chair in front of you, and some yoga blocks near by.

2. Bend forward until you feel a stretch in the backs of your legs. Check to see what height your hands naturally reach to without forcing them farther. Bring your hands down to your chair checking that you are not pushing the stretch to far. It should feel like a very easy and gentle stretch at this point. (If it is not, then place a folded blanket or yoga block on top of the chair.) The idea is to use the props so that the pose can meet your body where it is right now without any strain whatsoever.  Continue reading