Matri Vani


Matri Vani (Words of Sri Anandamayi Ma) (from Matri Vani, Volume 2)

Om_MaA traveler on the path to the realization of the Supreme Being has to obey his Guru’s instructions so that his journey may be crowned with success. However, in a case where there are no such instructions, one should, according to the dictates of one’s heart, keep oneself engrossed in calling out to God and in prayer and meditation. If someone prays to Him with a sincere and simple heart, God will fulfill his cherished desire. To yearn for Him with his whole being is man’s duty.

To invoke That, to be constantly intent on realizing It is man’s duty. At all time in Her arms, in Her embrace—within the Mother. On finding Mother everything is found.

There are two kinds of restlessness: one due to worldly activity and the other the restlessness to advance on the spiritual path. The latter is the very means to real peace. That which is tranquility, Atma, God—That becomes known. Only when there is intense hankering after it will supreme peace be found. Eternal bliss is also one and the same thing. 

It is impossible to invoke God sincerely without a result—this can never happen! He will surely cleanse and purify His own offspring and then take them to Himself. Pray to Him with heart and soul. To the limit of your power, using all the strength and capacity you possess, endeavor to live constantly in His presence. Surrender yourself at His feet. He Himself gives His Kriya (spiritual practice), training the aspirant to go beyond all Kriya in order to reach the Goal. Therefore, try with all your might to concentrate with your entire being on that form of Him to which you can give yourself whole-heartedly and without reserve. Time is speeding away!

To be born as a human being is a rare boon. If in spite of having obtained this great opportunity one does not give time to the contemplation of the Beloved, one will have to ask oneself: “What have I been doing?” To neglect the contemplation of Reality means to take the road of death.

 Anandamayi Ma



Reprinted  with permission of Swami Sadasivananda
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