REFLECTION: By Alan Jacobs

On my blank transparent screen, that is pristine
Primordial Consciousness, clear and clean,
Birthless and deathless, I survey the scene.

I sense it has the semblance of a dream.
Technicolour pictures come and go
Endlessly like in a movie show.

All are creations of this sleeper’s mind,
But I am not that body’s brain I find.
Instead I look behind his watchful eyes

And then discover to my vast surprise
That I am that same Consciousness sublime,
Which is One with Love, and is Divine.

Posted on March 12, 2004 by Alan-ji to HarshaSatsangh

SILENCE: By Alan Adam Jacobs

S age serenely sits in Satsang silently,
I magination no longer interferes,
L imitless Love abounds unconditionally,
E ndless eternity pervades ethereally,
N othing impedes the peaceful tranquility,
C onsideration, clarity, and compassion,
E nter the Heart through Grace and bounteous bliss.

First posted by Alan-ji on HarshaSatsangh on March 11, 2004.