OM! What Shall I Meditate On? By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Dear Friends,

When consciousness focuses its attention on a perceived or imagined object (such as an energy center, point of light, sound, music, mantra, etc.), that is known as concentration and can lead to deeper meditation and samadhi or trance states.

Truly all such techniques, although useful, are inherently and fundamentally flawed in seeing our own nature.

Such methods presuppose that there is something to concentrate or meditate on outside of consciousness. But how could that be?

All point of concentration, all techniques and methods of meditation only exist in consciousness. A person who understands this deeply loses interest in methods of meditation. The consciousness of a Self-Realized sage has settled into its own nature. It is in perpetual communion with itself. Always new and alive and pure being whose very nature is meditation does not concentrate or meditate.

On What Shall I Meditate? And How!


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