Breathe Right to Live Right … with YOGIC Breathing

More on Yogic Breathing.

Flawed breathing and stress are the principal reasons for most of the psychosomatic problems today. This is probably why many people come to me stating that their Doctor has suggested ‘Pranayama’ to deal with their psychological as well as medical issues (mostly triggered by lifestyle).   Pranayama helps optimally manage the Central Nervous System and also the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic branches of Autonomic Nervous System which are closely intertwined with breath.

Traditional yogic scriptures claim that one’s life span is decided by the number of breaths one has taken in one’s lifetime. Hence, More number of Breathes = Shorter life; Less number of Breathes = Longer Life.  Thus, it is imperative to be aware of the flow and the rhythm of your breath as ‘right breathing’ will allow you to lead a fulfilling and stress -free life.

Yogic Breathing does it ALL

Yogic Breathing, involving Sectional Breathing

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