Deep & Slow…“Yogic Breathing”

Yogic Breathing.

Conscientious application of these two terms can elevate your normal breathing to  “Yogic Breathing”

One would think ‘Deep’ & ‘Slow’ are synonymous, especially in connection with breathing. I too was under the same impression until I went beyond the face value of these words and felt the application, personally, in the realm of breathing. Deeper understanding of these two words and emulating in your daily life immediately uplifts you onto the path of spiritual journey. Your connection with ‘Self’ begins to feel more pronounced.

For years, I have heard and used these two terms as they are the most commonly used terms in traditional yoga practice. But, how many of us have really felt the essence of these two words? I am sure not many. Otherwise, we would have had a much healthier and evolved population.

“Life and breath are intimately connected”

mk1Shallow Breathing

Many of us have turned…

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