Self is Bliss


The seat of Realization is within and the seeker cannot find it as an object outside him.

That seat is bliss and is the core of all beings.

Hence it is called the Heart.

~ Sri Ramana.

Do Not Be Serious About Anything!

From the great writer and mystic yogini Mira Prabhu residing at Arunachala.

mira prabhu

9a777a0771ebcfae58de22014c1fa031-1During my stay at a beautiful Ashram in America long years ago, I was consumed with worry about my future. You see, I had jumped out of the mainstream by quitting a great  job in Manhattan, sold my lovely apartment, left good friends behind, and landed in the Himalayas without a parachute in the middle of a grueling winter. From there, still restless and seeking, I had moved around in both East and West, on a quest for that perfect refuge where I could focus on my creative and spiritual goals. But nothing seemed to work out and by now I was truly sunk in misery.

A friend saw my sad face; impulsively, she tore a page out of the book she was reading and handed it to me. The title said: Do Not Be Serious About Anything: it was a message from the guru of that Ashram, who advised…

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