My name is Kheyala. I used to post regularly on the HarshaSatsang list 10 years ago, and I am the author of the article “Satsang with Robert Adam”. Recently, Harsha-ji again ihvited me to be a contributor to his site. My style can be edgy, but if Harsha-ji’s not afraid to have me post here, then I am not afraid to do it!

My writings go out weekly and are a mix of essays/articles, stories, poems, and Q&A’s. Here is the latest, after receiving a letter from Walter in  Maryland.

Enjoy. And love to all!



Walter writes, “… I try to focus my mind on the feeling of I-Am-ness when I remember, or I try to ask the question ‘Who am I,’ like Ramana Maharshi recommended. This helps focus the mind.  However, Tony Parsons said no effort is necessary and for a week after coming back from Amsterdam, this seemed to work well. However, when I read the book I am That by Nisargadatta, he indicated that earnest effort is necessary. Tony was great and I plan to go back to either Amsterdam or Germany to attend another weekend at his seminar.  I feel that if I hang out near someone [who] is awakened, one day I will too … I cannot think of any questions to ask except about effort and effortlessness.”


Hi Walter,


I am afraid after reading your words regarding your spiritual state at this time, what’s happening is that your enlightenment has become more of a preoccupation than a way of BEING.  Having enlightenment be an object or an idea that you stand next to, examining from that distance, can only lead to learning more angles on it; more how-to-get-theres, rather than actually Being there.

I speak to you this boldly only because you said you had your first awakening experience decades ago.   I feel that the teachers you mentioned reading and visiting are among the very best.  I am not knocking them.  But for You, well, don’t you think it’s time to see what it all is from the inside?  From your self?

See, enlightenment is ALIVE.  In fact, I would say that that is its most outstanding quality.  Even when it is perfectly still, it is ALIVE.  And when it’s in motion, any acts that take place from it have an Aliveness to them.  That is how you can tell a superficial stillness and any action that comes from mental activity apart from what really has divinity pumping through it.  I am not talking about mind-blowing spiritual experiences, either.  I’m talking about the mundane: brushing teeth, boiling water, answering the phone, doing nothing, whatever.

It is a mistake to think that one day you will be awakened.  You are, indeed, awakened every single moment you are fully present now.   In these moments you are awakened to who you truly are.  You already ARE that presence.   However, it is only when your actions come from that source of awakened presence that you get to see your own proof – that physical evidence that keeps driving you toward enlightenment in the first place.

So, you were wondering about effort.  I would say to pay more attention to how present you are being when in action.  How fully are you experiencing what is in front of you?  How fully are you breathing in the air around you?   How much love is in your heart when you write an email?  How much grace is there when you are handing an object to one of your employees?  Does this take effort?  Does it matter?

I believe, for you, what is more important are the results you’re getting.  I believe if you pay more attention to those, you will find that no effort is needed to keep your awakening in the front of your mind at all times.

Let me know what you think!


[To read Walter’s response, click Here.]

About the Author:  Kheyala is a dedicated writer, mother, and walking catalyst for spiritual growth. Her greatest joy is helping others make real contact with the love and perfection that lies – unconditionally – at the center of every living moment.

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