Beloved Arunachala! By Helene Averous

There is a secret
In this mountain
Words cannot capture
The magnificence
Of Arunachala
Something mysterious
Flowing from there.

Still and silent
Always present
In every flower
Every stone
Every bird
Every being.
In sky and earth
And in between

What is the secret of Arunachala?

I cannot say for sure
It embraces all life
And shows
Everything is
All is pure
Flowing endlessly.


Editor’s note: The poem was edited from the original submission made by Helene-ji.

Harsh K. Luthar

2 thoughts on “Beloved Arunachala! By Helene Averous

  1. Ramana’s sublime words and realizations have had my heart for over 30 years. I so hope to live long enough to journey there and get to worship in this sacred place.


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