Learn to grow wings and fly to God. By Mourad Rashad

A post in Harsha Satasangh triggered this article. It was about a question by an honest seeker and an answer by Sri Ganesan. It occurred to me to answer the same question from another light.

The question was: “God has given everything as far as physical needs are concerned, in fact a lot more. And there is no end to desires. Life on the physical plane is going on. Now the main thing is to get centered in the “I”. I don’t seem to be making much progress on that front.”

The question is “everyone’s question”, it is the whole path to God; it is the question by an honest man who wants to become enlightened.

Man has to learn how to  grow wings and  fly  to God, otherwise man will get lost.

Why there is no end to desire? Worldly life in the eye of that man is still valuable, worthy and glamorous. Moreover, this man does not appreciate the Grace of God in his immediate life.

Man has two wings by which he flies to God. The left wing is EMPATHY and UN-CONSTRICTED AWAERNESS while the right wing is APPRECIATING THE GRACE OF GOD.

Why worldly life is very valuable and worthy in his eyes to the extent of desiring certain items in it???? He does not extend his EMPATHY (not sympathy) to see the negative side of worldly living, the dark side of worldly living, the agony of worldly living which surrounds him from every corner. His midget EMPATHY and CONSTRICTED AWARENESS regarding his fellow humans, made him live in the island of his ego. His left wing is very weak even atrophied.  If this seeker cultivates EMPATHY and UN-CONSTRICTED AWARENESS, he will immediately feel the pain, suffering and deprivation of his fellow humans and see and feel for himself how worldly life is CRUEL to those who surrender to it and reside in it. Seeing and feeling the cruelty of worldly life and becoming aware that his turn to suffer is coming sooner or later (depending on the content of his heart) will put this man on fire to jump away from the abode of the ego and become centered in the “I” in the BOSSOM OF GOD.  Unfortunately, man has armored himself against seeing and feeling the sufferings of fellow humans by giving himself with all the logical worldly materialistic justifications for his present well being. An example will help: We hear of a man that has cancer, then you say to yourself, he had cancer because he was smoking, I do not smoke, therefore I feel safe and secure from cancer, and so on.

I will quote part of the question once more “God has given everything as far as physical needs are concerned, in fact a lot more.” This seeker only looks for the positive Grace (there is no positive Grace) Grace is always very negative as compared to worldly pleasures.  This seeker is looking for pleasures; He has not seen the PROTECTING GRACE OF God. A protecting Grace that made him safe without any harm till now, while worldly life is abundant with Pain, Suffering and Deprivation. If he appreciated this PROTECTING GRACE more than anything else and more that worldly pleasures, his RIGHT WING WILL GROW STRONGER.

This is a recipe to to learn how to  grow these two wings and   fly to God.

The heart of man has two wings, the first is powered by Awareness and Awe (aware of the negative side of worldly life that creates awe) and the second wing is Love and Appreciation to the abundant Grace in our life, mainly the Grace of Peace and Safety (not only to our person but to our whole life, because man is not the person, the individual;  man is his whole life).

One thought on “Learn to grow wings and fly to God. By Mourad Rashad

  1. Thank you Dr. Mourad Rashad for another insightful and inspiring article. You have a God given gift and talent for speaking about God and God’ grace. Your writing is much appreciated. It should be read slowly and thoughtfully and meditated on.


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