Meeting Shiva Shakti Ma at Arunachala: By Helene Averous

I met Shiva Shakti Ma 2 weeks ago in Tiruvanamalai.

When she silently entered the room,
I started crying immediately
I couldn’t stop hearing those words in my mind
“She is so beautiful
She is SO beautiful
Just Grace

When I came into her room
I just fell in tears before even being able to look into her eyes
Bowing down at her feet

Then I looked up and dived into her eyes
She’s been silent since more than 15 years
I could hear the dialogue between my heart and hers
Me, desperately yelling in silence “We are God, aren’t we ?”

And her answer was a huge “YES you are !”
“You are so BEAUTIFUL
You are so much Loved”
With her infinite peaceful smile…

I saw the sparkles of endless Love in her eyes
I knew I had been blessed by Grace.


4 thoughts on “Meeting Shiva Shakti Ma at Arunachala: By Helene Averous

    • Yes, She gives darshan daily in the morning 10AM to 12PM at her ashram which is near to Ramanashram, 291, Rao Nagar, Thiruvannamalai. You may also call Mr.Velan to confirm her availability. Mob: 9443342521


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