Theory of Re-incarnation and Theory of Evolution by Raman Leonato

Theory of Evolution and Theory of Re-incarnation are in fact very similar in their approach, at least from the philosophical point of view. Theory of evolution basically says that all children are born from parents. I.e. men did not appear out of the blue, so if you go from child to parent back in time. Where do you end?

According to the Theory of re-incarnation, or also called The Law of Karma, we as a human beings today come from a process of evolution through which, lifetime after lifetime, from the very beginning of this universe, have kind of gathered experiences and experiences, which somehow means information. This gathered experience which represents our individual mind is the instrument we have to recognize our existence and the existence of the universe. Note I write re-cognize because it was previously cognized with previous experiences (i.e. you recognize letter “a” because you had someone pointing an “a” and repeating with you “aaaaa”.

This path is unique and individual for each born being, and like what is inferred from theory of evolution, reader, you could start going back and back in that path, to your parents, and your parents parents, and so on so forth, back in time, till you got back to monkey and even further back, because no child appears suddenly. You can go back through that path from child to parent till you find the origins of each of your genes.  Those genes somehow have the information gathered in that path. And the result is the human mind through which we cognize our existence and the existence of the Universe. And this path is unique as unique is your genetic imprint.

Just imagine, all the experiences gathered by every successor of yours in a line back that gets us where? To the uncertain frontiers between the living (organic) to the mineral kingdom, and obviously even back, because as nothing comes from nothing, you could trace back your parents back to the moment of the big-bang. Think about how many family you have after this long path

What this theory says is that all experiences we have had in this process have kind of created the ability to cognize this universe. Think about all the information the mind has gathered, back to the very beginning. This amount of experience is what makes our mind so sophisticated.

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