Darkness and Light: by Christine Wushke

Being willing to sit honestly with yourself in the darkest of dark nights is a gift to the world. When we can sit in our own deepest pain with a willingness to accept it as it is, to forgive it, or even to just be with the experience; we begin to break down the cycle of authorship, projection and blame. A gateway begins to open, where we can hold that freedom and space for others. No longer resentful of our own inner demons, we cease being afraid of them in the world; we stop holding others responsible for what we don’t like to feel.

Being accepting of our inner darkness, means we give permission for others to be as they are, no matter what behaviors they are exhibiting. We see behaviors as forces that simply come and go, no different than the orbiting moon, and we can look deeper into who people are beyond them. We can then more easily embrace the inner courage to see who people are at their core, even when we do not agree with what they are saying, or how they are behaving. It is much easier to treat a person with love and respect when you are not afraid that your own inner pain will be touched, exposed or revealed.

The inner permission and respect to others opens a space of non judgemental freedom where miraculous transformation can occur. Resistance drops, the split between opposing forces closes, the two merge into one. Life is seen as it is, without the sticky film of personal resistances, fears, or longings overlaid on top. The beauty of embracing your fears is that life can then be taken in all the way and admired for the miracle that it is, exactly as it is. We can be open to both joy and sorrow, knowing that neither one lasts, but both can be enjoyed (or at least allowed) while it is here.

Christine Wushke is a certified yoga and meditation teacher with over 15 years of experience. Her aim is to create a sacred space for students to effortlessly find the presence of stillness and an inner silence. Christine’s mission is to raise consciousness on the planet by empowering people to realize their own Divinity and to uncover a deep peace within. Christine is committed to assisting you in your journey, and helping you to realize directly for yourself the truth of what you are, and the stillness of truth within. In addition to her yoga and meditation training, Christine is also a registered massage therapist.

Christine offers private session in person, by phone, or on skype, for more information click here. To read testimonials, click here.


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