Ramana On Two Ways to Self-Realization: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Bhagavan Ramana

Sri Ramana used to say that there are two ways to Self-Realization.

Either one has to inquire deeply with steadfastness about the arising of the aham vritti (the “I” thought–the feeling awareness of I AM) or surrender entirely to the Guru that is one’s own Self, the very Heart of one’s existence.

In either approach, the pure ego, the sense of identity, the “I” ness merges in the Heart and the Self reveals It Self to It Self.

Bhagavan Ramana often made the point that, although the spiritual effort is critical, one cannot go beyond a certain point with effort alone, and that Grace is needed.

When asked, how one could obtain Grace, Sri Ramana would say that Grace is ever-existent and always there. One only needed to be aware of It.

That is why Sri Ramana often brought attention to the nature of awareness and it’s source, the Heart. This can be grasped at many different levels depending on the spiritual maturity of the aspirant.

The fact that Self is Always Realized, and that the Grace is eternally present, can be meditated upon.

So one makes the sincere effort, the human effort, and does what is possible. Then Grace takes over, some Power, the Holy Spirit, Power of the Self—that takes the surrendered mind and merges it in the Heart.

The Heart is the magnet. The words of the Guru are Grace because they make the student alert and aware of the eternal divine nature.

When meditation is ripe, and all the effort that is possible has been made, through Grace, mind and Shakti are drawn to the Heart, and the Heart swallows up everything. The Supreme Silence beyond time and space shines forth as one’s own Self.

Sri Ramana used to say that there is no seeing the Self. There is only Being It!

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