11 thoughts on “My Trip to the NY Arunachala Ashram for Guru Purnima 2016

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos….friendly looking bunch….as a white guy I wish more “palefaces” would realize the beauty and greatness of Ramana…though maybe it does not matter! Anyway keep on trucking and all the best.

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    • Brian, the devotees who participated in the Guru Purnima were very diverse. The devotees who led the chanting were of every color. However, many devotees, especially those who are not used to Indian food, did not stay for the feast that followed. I took most of the pictures once the feast had started and that is why it shows mostly Indian people. Perhaps I should have stood at the door and started taking pictures as people entered the Ashram in the morning. That seemed a bit awkward. I will think of a better strategy next time. Please do know that Bhagavan Ramana Satsangs are very diverse.


    • Hi Brian,
      This is Bandhu from Arunachala Ashrama in NY. Devotees of Bhagavan of all colors and shades are magnetically pulled towards him from all over the world. If you ever end up being blessed to visit the main Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi at the foot of Arunachala (Shiva incarnate as mountain) in Tiruvannamalai, in the State of Tamil Nadu, in India (nearest airport Chennai), you will feel that you are walking in Manhattan because you will see people from all over the world there.

      Regarding Harsh’s comment, and I quote,…” However, many devotees, especially those who are not used to Indian food, did not stay for the feast that followed…” needs to be clarified with due respect to his staunch devotion and dedication. Bandhu has been associated with this NY Ashrama for more than 30 years (a devotee of 60+ years) and has never seen anyone leave without partaking in the prasad (meal) that follows, every event. Harsh has visited this NY Ashrama a few times and may not have realized that. These meals, after the events are offered as prasad – (an offering in the name of God) and no one ever leaves for lack of taste or familiarity of Indian food.

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      • Thank you for pointing this out Bandhuji. My explanation was based on lack of experience and I very much appreciate your correction. Indeed what you say is true. I just have to do a better job taking pictures of all the devotees. Possibly, I will ask for help from others next time I am there. All Love. ❤


    • Hi Eric, This is Bandhu from Arunachala Ashrama in NY. Please see appended info about the Satsang in Seattle and names of people you could connect with.
      SAMMAMISH, WA – Sunil Bala
      You are cordially invited to the Seattle area
      Guru Ramana every other Saturday Satsang.
      Group chanting of Arunachala Aksharamanamalai
      Reading from Talks and/or Letters
      Meditation for 15 minutes
      Ramana Bhajans
      Archana to Bhagavan Ramana and Karpooram
      If you would like to join us, please contact:
      Rajesh/Sridevi: 425 605.0041.h or 780.3698.c
      Vish/Prabha: 916.765.5924
      or call Sunil Bala 425.996.4144.h or 206.437.1706.c
      or send us a note

      In Sri Bhagavan,

      Sunil Bala
      21002 NE 44th Street
      Sammamish, WA 98074-9350

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