The Non-Doer: By Pieter Schoonheim Samara

The seer is really the substratum of both the subject and the object. The individual consciousness, when purified is discovered to be the same as the Universal All-Pervasive Consciousness, like lifting a top off a jar that shows that the air inside and outside are the same. This isolation of the seer is Yoga.

These seem to be 2 (subject and object) because attention is focused through the lens of the mind into images appearing in the mind (whether from inward takes or the impressions of the moment to moment takes on the senses).

But when the mind is purified, there arises easily an inward pulling, like a graviton into the Heart, and attention to objects dissipitates with the brightening of the inward consciousness that fills and transcends the mind and the body. (The wise man’s heart inclines him to the right. – Ecclesiastics 10:3)

Gradually, a transition occurs, where the mind is no longer used to see, rather one awakens to the Singularity of the “I as I.” There is still a world, but it just appears, not separate, without a separate self to see or know. It’s like the analogy of a color coming into the proximity of a pure and clear the diamond, which seems to reflect the color variously, yet remains within its own nature always resolute, unchanging, pure and clear.

When the Sun of the Heart rises, the Moon of the Mind is no longer necessary to see.

From the moment that This awakening emerges into the consciousness, the “I as I” pulsates and withdraws as the subject of attention.

“All is empty, clear, self illuminating with no exertion of the mind’s power.” (Faith Mind – Third Zen Patriarch)

There is no experiencer or experience, no subject nor object, no seer nor seen. For the time being, these may seem like empty words. But when inward hearing arises, these words are recognized and trigger an inward pulling.

This is the Truth the Founders of all the Religions have been saying in whatever way that those that have ears to hear might hear when the heart is pure. A pure heart means that the mind has become clear enough through any means that the pulsation of the “I as I” is heard. Then we abide simply as That, and the subject-object notion in the mind simply dissolves, having no relevance at all to the emerging Truth. The idea of an identity to images is suddenly and simply relinquished.

Theories, concepts, strategies, methods, philosophies … all just drop off, having no relevance to the continuing pulsation of the All-Pervasive Self.

The Truth resonates as soundless sound: “Infinitely large and infinitely small, no difference, for definitions have vanished and no boundaries are seen.” (Faith Mind – Third Zen Patriarch)

There needs to be some practice that purifies the mind, where the body field comes into a still luminous balance, beyond thought, wherein hearing can become possible. At the same time there needs to be an effort to hear the Truth recorded in the Scriptures of the various Religions. As the mind becomes pure and still True hearing begins to manifest in the consciousness.

The Truth of one’s being recognizes Itself and draws the mind inward to dwell in and abide as Truth.

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