A Journey from Advaita to Buddhism: By Upasika Bach Lien

I remember when I used to do the exercise, “I Am”.

For years I did that exercise. I thought it would lead me to the discovery of who or what I was. There was “Who Am I?,” “I Am That” and “Thou Art That.” I did those exercises for a long time. I loved Ramana Maharshi and Nisargatta Maharaj and Ramesh Balsekar, the great non-dualists who propound those exercises. They certainly found out a lot about who they were. I read their books with a fervor and I adored the way I felt when I read them and I was propelled into a tremendous longing to find out what they found. And I was assured that this particular wanting was OK because it was about the one thing that matters; who “I” am. That wanting was real strong. And it made me happy because I felt like I could know. After all, those guys, they knew!

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