Volume IV, Fall 2005

An online magazine exploring the

Theory and Practice of Contemplative
Arts in Life, Work, and Organizations


There is something which courses within, which when accessed, brings life to the body and thus the asana. It is possible to understand this something as a river, and the techniques of asana as boulders along the riverbed, which seem to influence the course of the river …


I talked with Raj Mataji on the phone and she gave me a couple of the recipes we craved: the Chole, the Allu Ghobi, and her rice recipe. Like most good family cooks, she doesn’t measure much but goes with her experience and intuition …


My journey to Arunachala was for 2 weeks during November 2003. Now –round one year later – the remembrance of this is still as fresh as if it would have been yesterday. It was not an easy journey. At times it was even shocking, as I was completely unused to India and its customs …


The fervent devotion to Krishna of the celebrated milk-maids (Gopis or Gopikas) of Brindavan, and particularly of RadhA the most prominent of them all …


We have been taught, at least in our Western culture that we are separate. Advaita tries in every possible way to remind us of our unity, that the one that we take ourselves mistakenly to be is in fact the whole. The whole is the only thing that has the right to be called One. And it is so in many religions. The One …


After a while, an intense heat erupted from deep within and I could feel an enormous glowing in my chest, around my heart. There was a profound flushing sensation unlike any I have experienced before or since and my skin from my face to my torso turned bright red, as though I had been exposed to direct sunlight for hours and had a bad sunburn …


About seven years ago, I went to bed one night after an ordinary day, only to wake up two hours later with ten pounds less on my body. This represented 5.4% of my initial weight. I did not urinate, defecate or vomit during that two hour sleep period. Perspiration was normal. So where did the ten pounds of flesh go?…


Now Cher, at Mardi Gras, you want to be sure to get some nutrition without dat unwanted bloating and sluggish crawfish feeling you can get from all dem rich Nu’Awlins high class fixin’s. I am told by my nutritionist dat beans complements rice in supplying a lot of amino acids. So even if it ain’t Mardi Gras and you got to go out to check da traps or whatever, dis here will fix y’all up, Cher …


We must be grateful to Dennis Waite and his excellent book, with its appendix, for sharply bringing this whole question to our attention. There can be no doubt that Dennis Waite’s ‘The Book Of One’ is a worthy introduction to the Ancient Teaching of Advaita. In a clear and erudite manner he summarizes the main points of this Great Philosophy and Spiritual Teaching …


…The power of the discriminative mind emerges, a Force of Intelligence permeates and rivets the body and mind to the Spirit, and the pure mind inverts and reflects the True Self in the Heart. The ancient Sages and Yogis call this the Enlightenment of the Whole Body …


…Then I saw a picture on the table behind her. I did not know who was smiling so alive inside the silver frame, but I knew I had walked through the right door …




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