My Trip To Arunachala: By Helene Averous

How is it possible to write about Arunachala?

I feel blessed.

I had the chance to go there. Until the moment I put the feet on the earth of Arunachala, I was not sure I would go. That was so unexpected…

As I arrived there, I just dropped my luggage quickly and rushed at Ramana’s ashram.

While walking on the soil, I felt like a huge wave of emotion taking over me. I was realizing that Ramana had put his feet on the same place… I was just seeing him walking here!!! What an emotion… I managed to reach the back of the ashram without crying but that was not far.

At the moment I went through the back door, and I saw the beautiful path on the mountain, I just started to cry and fell in tears not really knowing what was happening.

Those were my first moments here.


The ashram is truly such a peaceful place !

But I must admit that that was Arunachala which was calling me from a very very deep place …
I wanted to walk on It.

I have been blessed to go to the top for the last day of the Kartikai Deepam festival where the sacred fire of Shiva is simulated and burns the whole night long.
During the walk to the top, the rain fell heavily for a while. It was like huge cleansing happening and even if we were cold, the walk was very easy, like if carried by Arunachala.

At the top, it is a bit difficult to describe the feelings between strength, humility, joy and blessings…

That moment is still within me.


It is when I had the chance to walk on the inner path that something very deep and peaceful happened. I was just like at home. Everyone I love was with me. That was obvious. I was just at home. Just as if Arunachala was only here for me and me alone. Without any sense of possessiveness but more a sense of aloneness. Just Arunachala and Me.

I had not desire of speaking. There was nothing happening at all. Nothing huge. Nothing small. Nothing.

I fell so much Life. Arunachala is so much alive !!!!

Like a Mother caring about her children. Like a Mother feeding Life.

While meditating there, I just got the sensation I was absorbing Arunachala within me. And now, It is within. I can call Her at any moment, She is definitely here, within.

Since that moment, OM is singing by itself in me. Without realizing it, I noticed that OM was singing…

How to describe ?

I know that I am in the Heart of Arunachala. I know that Arunachala is in my Heart.

It is as if Arunachala has absorbed all, even Ramana… How is it possible ?


If there was one word to describe Arunachala, I would use Sacredness …

O Arunachala ! All is sacred Here… All is full of Love, full of Life… Colors, smells, senses of touch, sounds, the Air, the Light, the Fire, the Earth… Breathe… Breathe… the Life of Arunachala… Blessings…


6 thoughts on “My Trip To Arunachala: By Helene Averous

  1. Numerous people who came on the call of Ramana and Arunachala had similar experience but never bother to express or put it on paper.The feeling of being at home and at peace is rather common to most of them and the attraction is irrestible


  2. I felt all of your moments in that sacred place, i’m sure that is is so strong and so full of LIFE, as it should be.
    many blessings
    Om Shanti Om


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