Sage of Arunachala

The greatest yogis of the day and Shankracharyas came and visited Bhagavan Ramana.

They saw an ordinary frail man, who had nothing, sitting there on the rocks.

Bhagavan Ramana did not try to impress anyone.

The highest yogic adepts and saints instantly saw that they were in the presence of the Eternal Presence ItSelf.



2 thoughts on “Sage of Arunachala

  1. Where can one read more about the visits of such sages and Shankaracharyas? Can you help me with some references?
    I had read about the Advaita Doyen & Sage Sree Narayana Guru from Kerala visiting; and not a single word was “exchanged” between them — both being fully “aware”. There it is said Bhagawan went about with his routines, when Sree Narayana Guru stayed in the Ashram.
    It would be a blessing to know more about the Jivanmuktas of the centuries.


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