Who Are We Truly Trying To Save? By Helene Averous

I’ve been wrong for a long time. I even don’t know for how many lives I’ve been wrong!

I wanted to save the world. I wanted to save my child. I wanted to save my hide. I wanted to save the poor ones, I wanted to save the planet…

Despite all my efforts, the world has not been saved. I have realized that I am the one in need of being saved.

I forced things because I wanted to love, I wanted to be loved. I wanted peace between human beings.

But my shouts, my calls and my acts to save the world were only calls for help for myself!

One day, I woke up. Full of despair, I had fallen down to the limit of the suffering I could endure at that time. I had lost hope in the fights, in exchanges, in unions.

And, here it was, having no choice but to listen to the unbelievable, to accept that I could be wrong, I begun to search to love myself.

I have searched within me what I had been searching in the world, in the others.

The magic of that story is that inner Peace brings outer Peace. Everything has changed around me. The impossible has become possible. The unbelievable has become believable. The fight has transformed into Peace. Love has blossomed, Love has always been here, only Its form changed and Its form is the one of Peace and Joy most of the time now.

I don’t fight anymore. The one who is ready to understand will understand. Life makes us understand it, one day or another.

“There is no world and nobody to save, there is only to become aware of who we are. From that state of Consciousness, we’ll really be able to Love…”

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