Mind Is Time: By Dr. Suryanarayana Raju

All doing involves change and change requires some duration of time.

Change means going from one event to another and the interval between the two events is time. We can experience action or doing only in the flow of time projected by the mind from past to the future bypassing the present moment.

If we are caught in network of time, it is certain that we are missing the present.

The present moment does not belong to time. Present moment belongs to the eternity, the eternal now. In the precise present moment we cannot do anything.

We can just be.

As there is no doing in the present moment, there are no events in the present moment. Therefore, there can be no time in the present moment.

All “doing” or action is imaginary and whatever is imaginary cannot be real. Time, which is a product of imagination, cannot be real.

The act of imagining itself is unreal.

Objective knowing is an action or “doing” because it involves seeming movement of attention from the Self towards the other thing. The concept of time arises only in the act of objective knowing.

Time cannot be, if there is no movement of mind. Time stops when mind stops. So mind is time.

That is why when mind stops in deep sleep state and Samadhi, we are free from the concept of time. If we are free of the movement of mind, i.e time, we belong to eternity.

Anything transient is in the dimension of time which is the result of movement of mind. Our Self is eternal and hence timeless.

Journey from periphery (the mind) to the center (Self), is the journey from time to timelessness. It is the journey from transient to the eternal. It is a pilgrimage from here to here.

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