See Within – Through A Box of Chocolate! By Divyaa Kummar

There is a subtle difference in being all-accepting ….and in being jaded or indifferent !
In indifference nothing matters; in acceptance everything is… fine… embraced!

So in both states of being …in layman dialogue…people  use the same words :
“How does it matter”-“Nothing matters

But they come from two different ends of the continuum: one in pure acceptance of everything and one from rejecting everything!
In acceptance -the “nothing matters” really comes from an inner feeling of  everything is fine!
In indifference and inertia “nothing matters”…. because nothing is ok!
In analogy : Its like choosing a chocolate from a box of different centered chocolates!
Acceptance is like a having box of all your favorite different flavored chocolates…and when you say it  “doesn’t matter'” which chocolate you get…  its not because you are indifferent but because you are truly open to them all!
Indifference is like viewing a box in which you like none of them- and when you say it “doesn’t matter” which chocolate you get  -its because you reject them all!!

Lets become aware whether we  live in acceptance or indifference!

Divyaa Kummar

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