The Secret Of Being The Effect! By Divyaa Kummar

The Secret – of being the effect!
“I will tell you a Spiritual Secret: be the cause and the effect will follow; but let me tell you an even deeper spiritual secret: be the effect and the cause will follow! Osho”

The first secret simply outlines that we are the cause; not some outside other, fate, or god. We can call this ‘cause’ our thinking, feeling, focus, which reflects as outer effects; we can view it as our energy field which attracts like-wise effects; or we can call it karma – what we have chosen to explore, experience and expand and thus meet as outer effects.

Now let’s explore the second deeper secret of ‘Be the effect and the cause will follow’! Initially linear minds resist this, but if you view it through the macrocosm you can see it everywhere: God already is All That Is, and only ‘becomes’- bursts out indeed into infinite causes- to experience Self! You and i choose to be born and explore certain aspects of self and are thus birthed into that time and space coordinate which provides all that we require as causes! In more mundane terms, evenings with friends is the joy of being together (effect) and thus do activities therein- a movie, a game- ‘happen’ as causes to enable that! All healing is indeed this – inner resolution has taken place and the outer treatment comes along as the means!

Observe how goals always come first, and then you come into the past of that projected future, and put in the required steps! You target to excel in your exams (the effect) and thus you study (the cause.) And when your goal or intent is strong, when you are being the effect, the causes happen more easily! View positive thinking and visualization in these terms. You are being the effect in feeling, thinking, speaking and emoting from the end-result having already happened- and thus does the cause come about!

However truly being the effect, entails belief. There is an anecdote of a man dismayed by losses, receiving quite miraculously, a cheque for a million dollars from a stranger he befriends in a pub. He puts into action all his dreams, never using that cheque, ‘knowing’ the money is there when required! Soon he has made more than that million, and revisits the pub to return the cheque, but discovers that the ‘rich’ stranger is really a poor inmate of an asylum…and well known in the pub for this prank! But the belief of having the money was important! That man believed he had a million dollars!  Belief is truly being the effect!And this is what ‘gyan’ or mind-expansion is all about- expanding our beliefs… or effects! As our truths expand, and we recognize that we are indeed loving, abundant, joyful creators, do we allow the causes to unfurl! This is also the secret behind so-called spiritual qualities: they are all ‘being’ an expanded effect’!  Gratitude is easily recognizable as thankfulness, and thus reasons to be thankful must be! The very act of appreciation creates more to be appreciative about! True forgiveness is the understanding of there being nothing to blame, and thus there remains nothing to forgive!  Through non judgment, you become the effect of being witness and thus labels and their roller coaster’s move away from your life! In Generosity you share freely and thus have more to share!

Symbols-be they mantra’s or archetypes (tarot or other) are also a beautiful embodying of the effect from which causes arise. In meditation we are tapping experimentally into joy, love, bliss and centeredness of Godself… we are being the effect in the purest of ways and thereby do grounds for these states spontaneously come about.

Be the effect…of all that you wish for and allow the causes to unfurl! And do not forget action! For truly being the effect is most powerfully present in action! Action is indeed a subconscious response of belief. Think, feel, emote and act from that end of the continuum and the path will be made much easier for you!

Introspection for today: Wherever you feel stuck: ask yourself: are you being the effect?

Divyaa Kummar

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