Crisis, Fear, And Transformation: By Rita Steinmetz-Minassian

No doubt that in the current economic context, many people are in panic around the world because of huge losses on the stock exchanges of the planet. Except a few conscious business leaders, how many of them are considering this crisis from a spiritual perspective? There is some evidence that the transformation we’re going through is beyond simply economical issues, but is a gate to a new era, a new age.

According to the belief of the Mayan civilization, the world is organized upon a cyclic system: many centuries BC, the Maya calendar predicted the end of a cycle of 26 000 years in 2012 and then the starting over a new one. The book of the Apocalypse, refers to a chaos that St John calls “The Judgment day “ that will occur during “the End of the times”.

Of course, this predictions are symbolic and metaphorical. The original meaning of these words implies a time for “Revelation”. A time for people to transform the way they think, they behave and reveal their inner truth to live in a conscious way.

It’s been at least 5000 years that Sciences like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have been advocating a holistic approach to human beings. It is now being accepted in modern medicine as well that we’re not just flesh and blood that can be opened, cut and sewed like rag dolls…but energetic systems to be considered. We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being and connected on a global basis. Our thoughts and prayers affect the world and each other.

Like is like, the law of attraction was already known through the famous “Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you”. Our economy is paying the price of morally corrupt decisions and actions based on greed and only on profit margin…

According to esoteric systems, we’ve now entered The Era of the Aquarius that is not, like some people may think, the confabulation of a group of hippies of the 70’s, but a challenging period of time for Humanity that gives us the opportunity to live this famous New Age predicted since centuries in many civilizations, beyond one religion or belief, through inner transformation.

There are many tools to help us to operate this transformation. Some traditional ones like yoga, meditation and mantras help us to connect our higher self giving us a conscious awareness of what we’re living “here and now”. Other ones are more contemporary and give us the opportunity to face the shadow within us like psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and other forms of counseling.

As we’re all bounded, we attract what we are through the law of attraction. We can represent this unity by similarity with a diamond, a unique gem with many different facets: each one of them representing one person…If we apply that metaphor to our interpersonal experiences, in a very honest way, we can see how each person around us represents a part of our personality with both positives points and flaws.

Very often, the characteristic of the persons and the world around us are  shown to us in a exaggerated way in order to wake us up and oblige us to see what’s wrong within us!This perspective really  helps us “investigate” and ask ourselves: “what part of my personality is attracting that person/attribute/lack/experience…?”Mirror, mirror on the wall… the other then becomes the reflection of our real “me”, free from the mask of our ego.

“A lot of chaos is needed to create a butterfly”, thus spoke Zarathustra. We  are in the middle of the chaos, creating the butterfly depends on all of us. This period of profound change, pushes us to reorganize our entire system  and to clean it deeply. No GDP can measure what’s really worth living in life.

“Be the change that you want to see around you” said  Mahatma Gandhi. let’s face the mirror and go for this challenge.

Rita Steinmetz-Minassian –

Editor’s Note: Rita Steinmetz-Minassian resides in France and her native tongue is French.  She is the Founder and spiritual trainer at the Akasha Institute. Please visit her website for more information.

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