The Secret Of Enlightenment: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Dear Friends:

After you have practiced meditation for many years, at some point the questions may arise:

1. What is Enlightenment?

2. How does one get Enlightened?

3. What is the secret of Enlightenment?

Although the word Enlightenment has much glamor associated with it, it is a very simple thing. Enlightenment means to simply rest in one’s own authentic and original nature which is one’s own Self. This is the state of quiet peace whose very nature is Awareness and Ahimsa.

One becomes Enlightened by hearing that there is such a state of peace and beauty, and then by engaging in meditation and inquiring into one’s own nature by going within.

For ripe seekers, the secret of Enlightenment is told and it is this.

Be easy and natural in life.

Do your work and play your role in the world as best as you can.

Do not be much attached to success or failure.

Do not mind the mind but instead focus on the quality of awareness that permeates it.

Finally, as the awareness of awareness becomes strong, let the mind glide into the Heart and be free.

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