Around Arunachala: By Richard Clarke

In so many ways Arunachala is the focus of our life here in Tiruvannamalai. I want to show some of the views that we live with, since many are interested in this holy mountain.

Views of Arunachala

Classic pictures

Ramana’s drawing

Arunachala drawn bySri Ramana

Arunachaleswara Temple

Arunachaleswara Temple  and Arunachala

Arunachala from around the hill

People climbing Hill for Deepam

Up the hill

Arunachala Views


From Inner Path

HPIM2338 HPIM3872 HPIM3950 HPIM2359 IMG_0149 HPIM2407

Arunachala from ‘yenga veedu’ (our house)

Arunachala from Brindavanam Arunachala Sunrise after Mahasivaratri night arunachala moonrise Arunachala in early morning light Full moonrise Arunachala behind the  cloud

Altar for Mahasivaratri

Mahasivaratri altar

Richard and Carol

Richard and Carol on Richard 64th Birthday

Photos walking around the hill

Sri Ramanasramam

Sri Ramanasramam entrance Inside  Ramanasramam

monkeys grooming each other

Inner Pradakshina Path

pradakshina trail Trail to Pradakshina Path

Papaji’s Cave

Carol medidtating at Papaji's cave Looking down from Papaji's cave

Sadhu’s and Sadhu tank

Sadhu meditating Sadhu at tank Sadhus washing at Sadhu tank Carol by outside altar

Pool at Reforestration Project

Water lily pondWater lilles

Backside of the Hill

Start of path on backsideFrog tank, on backside

Adi Anamalai Temple entrance

Adi Anamalai

Nearing the end of the Path

Old reforestration Om on the path, nearing the end

Last Temple before Tiruvannamalai is re-entered, Panchamukha Shrine

Temple through the trees orses and elephant ready to ride

Gods and demons

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