Why are there Ads on my WordPress Site?: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

I looked at my blog from another computer where I was not logged on. I was shocked to see ads on my wordpress blog. Really awful ads for things I would never endorse. I did not notice these before. Evidently, these ads appear at random based on some keywords.

I pay for space on wordpress.com. So why are there ads on this space. Are there any solutions to this other than moving my blog to another host? Can I pay WordPress not to put ads on my blog?

UPDATE (August 15, 2008): I moved the blog to a private server to have more control over it. We are still using wordpress but no longer hosted on wordpress.com. This was a tough decision because I really admire the folks at wordpress.com and wanted to stay there. When wordpress.com offers more flexibility and VIP hosting for a reasonable price, I will consider moving this blog back there. I don’t know why it is taking them so long to pick up on this obvious demand from paying customers that is out there for wordpress.com premium hosting.  Anyway, that is how it is.

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