Where is Verizon’s XV 6800? By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar


By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Reports have been coming since the 2006 Christmas/New year shopping season that Verizon was getting ready to release the successor to their popular PDA/Cellphone XV 6700.

Verizon’s XV 6700 generally got good reviews when it came out. It’s sliding keyboard and being able to connect to the web made it an early favorite for business people, professors, students, and those who want to stay at the cutting edge of technology.


The built in windows mobile 5.0 operating system along with Windows applications and the ability to synchronize Outlook with Microsoft Exchange are some of the attractive features of Verizon’s XV 6700.

Where is Verizon’s XV 6800?

It is now almost the end of July 2007 and I have not seen XV 6800 at any Verizon store. Verizon salespeople and those working in the customer service department have been unable to say anything about the XV 6800 since December of 2006 when the news/rumors started surfacing that its release as the successor of XV 6700 was imminent.

Sprint Mogul (PPC-6800)

Sprint, on the other hand, has released the successor to their PPC 6700. The Sprint PPC 6800 is called the Mogul.


See the review of the Spring Mogul at the following url.


Verizon customers whose one or two year contract with the company has expired are left scratching their head. What should they do? Stay with Verizon’s network or jump ship. The release date for Verizon’s XV 6800 has been shrouded in mystery.

Verizon XV 6800 Release Date

About a week ago, in a casual conversation, a Verizon employee mentioned to me that the Verizon technicians or salespeople were getting some training materials on the XV 6800. If I heard correctly, perhaps Verizon is getting ready to make the big announcement.

Regardless of when the release date is for Verizon’s XV 6800, I would love to know Verizon’s strategic reasons for giving little information to customers prior to this much awaited product coming out.

One thought on “Where is Verizon’s XV 6800? By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

  1. From what I’ve found on google, the 6800 is just an old horse with a new face. 1.3mp camera is now 2.0mp. Ram is 256mb from 64mb. This is nice but the OS is still WM5. I have had the 6700 for about 2 years now and am very pleased with the device. At first the battery life was realy poor. After installing newer firmware, the battery life is much better. The main beef I have is that the device is huge and heavy. Others I’ve seen (Moto Q, Blackjack, and the Pearl) are much more portable. If the 6800 is truly a WM5 device, I see no reason to switch.


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