About HarshaSatsangh


HarshaSatsangh is dedicated to the joy of fellowship in Ahimsa as exemplified in the purest Advaitic teachings of the Jnani Sage of Arunachala, Sri Ramana Maharshi. We emphasize the universality of the doctrine of nonviolence and the teachings of compassion as these themes are found in all major spiritual traditions and religions of both the East and the West. Ramana Maharshi taught that if one realizes that the same Self (consciousness) is in all and all are in the same Self (consciousness) only, one will not want to harm another! It would be like harming oneself. In Jainism, the religion of my teacher Chitrabhanuji, nonviolence is considered the cardinal principle. Chitrabhanuji taught me that a feeling of amity and nonviolence towards all living beings, when it is carried to an extreme is as powerful as any technique or method of Yoga and naturally leads to Self-Realization.

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