Chief Executive Editor Harsh K. Luthar, Ph.D.

Harsha (Dr. Harsh K. Luthar) started his meditative and yogic practices in early childhood. In his early twenties, he deepened his understanding of Ahimsa (the philosophy of nonviolence) under the guidance of his teacher Sri Chitrabhanuji. Blessed by Sri Ramana, Harsha realized directly the essence of Advaita and understood the nature of the Heart and Self-Realization. Harsha is the founder of HarshaSatsangh, a spiritual fellowship and a circle of friends.


Editor-In-Chief Berit Ellingsen, M.Sc.

Berit Ellingsen lives in a small town in the southwest of Norway. She has a degree in biology from the University of Bergen, Norway and works in a small bookstore. She is a long time member of the HarshaSatsangh.


Arts and Poetry Editor Gloria Lee, M.A.

Gloria lives in the quiet countryside, enjoying retirement from social work and counseling. She and her husband spend their leisure time singing with the local college chorale, gardening, and reading together. Their latest project is making a small pond. She is also one of the editors of the Nondual Highlights.


Chief Information Officer David Hodges, M.A.

David Hodges is a web developer who lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. He studied English at Antioch College, and Creative Writing at Southern Connecticut State University. A student of Yoga, he has been inspired by the works of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargatta Maharaj, and Sri Aurobindo. He is a poet and photographer, and keeps an online journal on his web site, Outermost.com, where you can find some of his photographs and writings.